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Integrated Faciliy Management

A7S provides comprehensive and end-to-end integrated facility management services

A7S's strengths lie in providing you with the complete suite of Integrated Facilities Management. With a laser focus on increasing end-user satisfaction, our teams help you manage and maximize the value of your asset

Our ability to customize the suite of services we provide to suit your needs allows us to adapt to your evolving business needs.


We deliver services for all property types through dedicated on-sit​e teams backed by a regional best practices platform. 

The Engineering Services we provide include: Electrical, Energy, Utilities, Plumbing, Elevators, HVAC, STP, Water Treatment

And the range of Soft Services include: Housekeeping (Janitorial & Cleaning), Landscaping, Security

Housekeeping Services

A7S has a professionally trained team of Housekeeping staff

Evidence & Information Gathering

Whatever your surveillance needs, A7S has you covered

Integral to any investigation is the ability to separate fact from fiction, rumor from conjecture, and establishing a clear, coherent and comprehensive timeline of facts. This includes insurance fraud, medical malpractice, cheating spouses, bodily injury or employee theft. And A7S has developed a reputation for being a reliable partner to assist with gathering evidence and information for use in litigation, civil or criminal defense and appeal matters.


Our team of skilled investigators and experts is highly sought after by individuals, law firms, government and enforcement organization, commercial enterprises and corporate organizations to support their surveillance, evidence and information gathering needs.   

Surveillance & Detective Services

Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

Our clients are our number one priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get the best surveillance and intelligence information. 

Almost every investigation involves some form of surveillance. Our experienced and highly trained teams of detectives carrying out surveillance assignments use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to ensure we obtain strong evidence that’s admissible in a court of law or tribunal.

A surveillance operation is put in place to gather evidence and information on an individual or group of people. In many cases the requirements of such services is used to obtain evidence for prosecution in a court of law. 

Security Services

Whatever your security needs, A7S has you covered

The A7S security team is professionally trained to trained to handle fire fighting equipments, first aids, visitor management, parking management, move-in & move-out registry, vendor registration, maid verification, CCTV Monitoring, emergency reporting, and much more. 

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